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E.O.W. 01/28/2024

Friends of Rockford Police K9 are saddened by the tragic loss of K9 Nyx on January 28, 2024 during the line of duty when she gave her life to protect her handler. Our hearts are with Nyx and her handler as we all mourn the loss of a true hero.

Nyx was funded by the many donors who support the Friends of Rockford Police K9 and are dedicated to the safety of our police force.

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K9 police officers work closely with their dogs to enforce laws and apprehend criminals. An assignment to the K9 unit requires special skill and an added commitment of training and caring for the K9 partner.  Our K9 officers work and live with their dogs so that training is continuous and ongoing.  A K9's career typically lasts until they are about eight years old.  After retirement, they live out their lives as a much-loved friend and pet to the officer's family.  Learn more about the K9 teams  who are selected for this coveted position.  


Friends of Rockford Police K9 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) which exists to support the expansion and maintenance of the City of Rockford Police Department K9 Unit.  The funds we raise are integral to the development of some of the country's most talented police canine teams, including canine acquisition, best-in-class training, specialized equipment and vehicles, and ongoing support.  Friends of Rockford Police K9 works to educate the community about the value and effectiveness of using dogs in police work.

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