Volunteers help Friends of Rockford K9 raise funds to put police dogs on the street.  The Rockford Police K9 Unit relies on successful fund-raising events.  These events are only possible if we have volunteers to carry the load.

Please contact me about volunteer opportunities

(or, contact Kathy Hansen at 262.880.3977 or email friendsofrockfordpolicek9@gmail.com

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Officer Geiken and Sully talk about the 2019 Friends of Rockford Police K9 fundraiser

Stone Creek School K9 Demonstration
Fun K9  Facts
  • A canine has the ability to smell 100,000 times stronger than a human.
  • A properly trained police dog saves 600-1000 man-hours every year.
  • K9 officers reduce the risk to human officers by alerting to danger long before a human can detect it.
  • A canine's presence often prevents escalation of force.
  • K9 handlers are more likely to be involved in a use of force incident than a regular deputy or patrol officer.
  • K9 officers may not know who the "bad guy" is so it is important to cooperate with police if you encounter one.
  • K9 officers live with their handlers.  This promotes a better bond, but they are not treated as a "pet."
  • Most K9 officers come from Europe.
(source: https://harlequinblog.com/2016/03/interesting-facts-about-k-9-officers/)


Friends of Rockford Police K9
Kathy J. Hansen, Board President
Rockford Police Department District 3 
557 South Newtowne Drive
Rockford, IL 61108
(262) 880-3977


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