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New K9 Team Joins Rockford Police K9 Unit

Friends of Rockford Police Department K9s are proud to announce the newest members of the Rockford Police K9 team - Andii and her partner Officer Isaiah Fisher....


WREX Channel 13 TV Commercial with Chief Dan O'Shea

Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea visits with a new litter of potential K9 recruits and talks about the upcoming 2019 fundraiser.

MAY 2019

Rockford's My Stateline News

The Rockford Police Department is asking for the public's help in their efforts to fight crime, by purchasing another K-9 officer.  Sully is one of five dogs currently employed as K-9 officers by the Rockford Police Department


WIFR Channel 23 News 

Officer Geiken and K9 Sully, along with fundraising executive Kathy Hansen, talk about the K9 fundraiser on WIFR Channel 23 Morning Blend Show


WREX TV Channel 13 News 

"Last year they responded to about 12,000 calls and they deployed the K9s about 770 times. Tracked 122 items. They helped us seize about $24,000 of cash. We utilize them every shift, every day," says Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea. 


WREX TV Channel 13 Commercial

Rockford Mayor McNamara, Police Chief Dan O'shea, K9 Office Geiken and K9 Sully featured at Josef's Steakhouse and Oyster Bar.

JUNE 2018

This Week in The Stateline.

Sergeant Duane Johnson of the Rockford Police Department and Fundraising Executive Kathy Hansen talk about the K9 program and the annual fundraiser on Rockford radio program This Week in The Stateline.

MAY 2018

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Officer Geiken and Sully talk about the 2019 Friends of Rockford Police K9 fundraiser

Fun K9  Facts
  • A canine has the ability to smell 100,000 times stronger than a human.
  • A properly trained police dog saves 600-1000 man-hours every year.
  • K9 officers reduce the risk to human officers by alerting to danger long before a human can detect it.
  • A canine's presence often prevents escalation of force.
  • K9 handlers are more likely to be involved in a use of force incident than a regular deputy or patrol officer.
  • K9 officers may not know who the "bad guy" is so it is important to cooperate with police if you encounter one.
  • K9 officers live with their handlers.  This promotes a better bond, but they are not treated as a "pet."
  • Most K9 officers come from Europe.

Friends of Rockford Police K9 Mourn the Loss of K9 Nyx

Non-profit organization that raises funds to support the Rockford Police K9 Unit saddened at the loss of a hero.


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